Company profile

Founded in February 2016, is a professional set of explosion-proof lighting design, research and development, production and sales as one of the new technology enterprises. Lidun is a national high-tech Enterprise, a national high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise, a “Specialized and special new”enterprise in Jiangxi Province, a standing member of the Chamber of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, and a member of the board of directors of the Lighting Industry Association of Jiangxi province, with more than 30 patents and more than 20 test reports, our series of products have been applied in chemical industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, electric power, medicine, paper making, printing, wine making, storage, oil refining, military industry, fire fighting and many other fields! Lidun photoelectric focus on scientific and technological innovation, emphasis on talent, now has a number of design, production and sales of explosion-proof lamp top talent. With excellent product quality, good reputation and The Adjuster to win the recognition of our customers, products in the domestic and foreign markets are very competitive。


Corporate culture

  • Corporate Mission

    Max outwitted them all

  • Business Vision

    Do not be small in evil, do not be small in good

  • Employee View

    Integrity based, innovation and far-reaching

  • Client View

    Top Gun

  • Core View

    Down to Earth

Company strength

  • Working experience

    The team has 14 years of lighting R & D and production experience

    Fundamental advantage

    With ISO system, explosion-proof certification and testing, patent

  • Technical strength

    Self-owned engineers to complete the explosion-proof certification of lamps, compared with peers to shorten the time and reduce costs

    Integration capability

    Light, machine, electricity, heat, ID perfect combination of ideas; municipal, intelligent lighting, industrial lighting integration

  • Productive capacity

    100,000 sets per year, the first echelon in the country

    Word of mouth

    Monthey, Huaneng, Yitai, CNOOC, Foxconn and other cooperation

Marketing network

We have clients all over the country

  • neimenggu

  • shenyang

  • shandong

  • zhuhai

  • nanchang

  • shenzhen

Complete industrial chain

  • Extending the industrial chain

  • Building industrial clusters

  • Customizing service under cost control

Typical client

  • 化工

    Chemical Industry

  • 石油石化


  • 电力


  • 医药


  • 造纸

    Paper making

  • 印刷

    Printing services

  • 酿酒


  • 仓储


  • 炼油

    Oil refining

  • 军工

    Military industry

  • 消防

    Fire fighting

  • 应急救援

    Emergency rescue

  • 综合管廊

    Utility corridor

  • 教育


  • 畜牧

    Animal husbandry

  • 市政

    City Hall

  • 智慧城市

    Smart city

  • 市政道路

    Municipal Road

  • 居住园区

    Residential Park

  • 工厂道路

    Factory Road

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The management idea of the company is based on the traditional ethics and morality of Chinese culture, combined with the advanced management idea and management method of the west, which not only embodies the humanized management system, but also the strict and reasonable management system。

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